The Company Management of Luzi Srl considers Quality a Strategic Tool for the achievement of Excellence, an Objective to be pursued in all the Organization's activities, a Criterion of Prevention and Involvement of all its Collaborators


The General Management of Luzi Srl has established its Quality Policy and ensures that it:

  • Is relevant to the needs and requests of its customers;
  • Is appropriate for the purposes of the Company;
  • Include a commitment to meet requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • Provides a framework for defining and reviewing quality objectives;
  • Is communicated, understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation;
  • Is regularly reviewed at each review to verify its adequacy and effectiveness and to ensure its continuing suitability.


The Strategy

Turnery Automatic Luzi srl is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of products and services with a view to satisfying the needs of customers and in general in the reference markets.


In particular, Luzi srl automatic turning is committed to :

  • Ensure the necessary means to know the needs of customers;
  • Provide products in line with customer expectations and above all competitive;
  • Comply with delivery times and service conditions with a view to continuously improving performance;
  • Create a relationship of loyalty and collaboration with its suppliers, based on clear contractual requirements and on the clear definition of the control methods;
  • Develop a rapid and effective system of prevention and correction of situations of non-compliance for internal quality and in particular of any customer complaints.
  • Promote awareness of the process approach and the risk-based approach (Risk Based Thinking)


In order to ensure that the organization is able to guarantee the achievement and constant progress of the planned quality levels, and to fully satisfy the needs of its customers in a precise and documented manner, the Luzi automatic turnery has equipped itself with a System of Quality Management.


The reference chosen as the basis for the construction of this system is the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard .


The Quality Management System is periodically reviewed by the Management which defines the guidelines and priority areas on which to operate, based on the needs coming from the market and the needs expressed by the Customers.

All internal functions develop and adapt their methods of action on the basis of what is required by the Quality Management System.


The correct functioning of the Quality Management System is based on the substantial commitment of all personnel in operating according to the criteria of prevention of Quality problems and elimination of existing non-conformities and in following the procedures and guidelines which document the System itself.


Annually, the General Management undertakes to define the objectives for the main indicators of the monitored processes, in line with the company policy , to satisfy the applicable requirements and to continuously improve the quality management system; these objectives are subject to verification during the Management review meetings.


The Luzi Srl Management